Textfield does not scroll on a windows build


I’ve recently been coding in HaxeFlixel (It’s something that’s more or less based off OpenFL, and as the issue is with OpenFL’s text field, I figured it’d be more appropriate to ask that here.), and have reached a strange bug. I have a dynamic text-field, that doesn’t scroll using the mouse wheel, and it actually snaps back to the top of the window every time the text field changes. It works perfectly on flash, but not on windows.

Would anyone know why that might be?

My primary attempts have been involved with trying to use the setSelection method, and setting the selection to be the last character in the text field. This hasn’t worked at all. -.-

Thank you in advance. :smile:

What version of OpenFL are you testing? Are doing this in HaxeFlixel, or is this a standalone sample? Do you think its related to this issue? https://github.com/openfl/openfl/issues/1585

This is being done in HaxeFlixel, (but again, as previously mentioned, HaxeFlixel basically runs off of OpenFL.)

I’m unsure of the version.

I think it may also be related. If that was added, it may fix things.

…hopefully I’m allowed to bump a topic. I’ve still been unable to fix this. It appears to be doing this in neko as well.

I am not certain if this is supported in the latest OpenFL, but I suspect it might be? That’s why I asked :slight_smile:

OpenFL 3 is the latest version HaxeFlixel supports, we are on OpenFL 6 now

Ah, that must be why. I’ll try and ask one of the developers of it to see if there’s a way of updating OpenFL.