TextField border doesn't show sometimes BUG?

depending on how close the textfields are together sometimes it won’t show boder


(im a new user so i can’t post images :confused: so remove that part to see)
http://s9.postimg.org/t1(remove this)tzx6ecv/pic1.png
h(remove this)ttp://s13.postimg.org/w0lfecbuf/pic2.png

What target platform are you using and which version of OpenFl and Lime ?

neko, OpenFL Command-Line Tools (2.2.8-LMUFmf), Lime Command-Line Tools (2.1.3)

For me your sample works fine, but I don’t have same font.

Switched font to “arial.tff” still the borders don’t work. these no errors or anything and if I build “linux” same problem they used to work but I don’t know what ive changed to make it not work. I have installed stablexui but I am not using it.

Are you trying to use font for embedding from assets even if it standard font? Are you get same behavior even for any non embedded font?

I removed this line:
name.embedFonts = true;
but still shows a horizontall line every so many textfields.