Text Format Class' Font Parameter not working in Neko? :S

Hi guys,

I am very new to OpenFL and Haxe, and I must say this is definately some cool **** right here :smiley:

I’ve come across my first issue however. I am using the text format class to format some text and change it’s font style to a different font eg. ‘Arial’, and this works well with Flash and HTML5 when I test run it, however for some reason this isn’t working in Neko. The font size and colour parameters are working fine, but for some reason on Neko it isn’t recognizing the font I have selected.

eg. var something = new TextFormat('Arial', 22, 0xffffff, true);

Is there a way to make these fonts work on Neko?

Did you include your own copy of Arial with the project?

You can also use the special “_sans”, “_serif” or “_typewriter” font names, to try and use a default font from the system

Welcome! :slight_smile:

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Thanks man, just had to copy it in :smile: