Text Focus for input and Android menu

Hello guys. I am in the latest state of a development using openfl for mobile and I’m having an small issue. I have my whole game done, and I am working on the main menu. The issue is in the main menu I want to ask the user for their nick / pass.
I did that using a TextField and the following trick to get the input and the android keyboard visible:

	var inp:TextField = cast(spr.getChildByName('txt' + nm), TextField);
	Lib.current.stage.focus = inp;
	if (inp.text == "" ) {
		inp.text = " ";
		inp.text = "";

Works perfect, I type and click outside the text anf the keyboard hides BUTthe navigation menu stays on the screen and covers the bottom of my application. If I switch to other application and then I come back navigation menu dissapears, but I need to be able to make it disapear manually, cause the game interface are on that part of the screen

Thanks in advance

Sounds like we need to consider examples like:

and integrate it with our Android template code here:

Does that sound like the same issue?