Text cursor stucks at first line

I have installed the latest OpenFL, I can see that the TextField when I hit enter, I can type in the new line but the cursor remains at first line, here is my implementation:

var tt:openfl.text.TextField;
	tt=new openfl.text.TextField();
	tt.width= 500;
	tt.height= 500;
            tt.multiline = true;
	tt.wordWrap = true;
	tt.type= "input";
	tt.text= "Here…";

So, if I hit enter several times, I get several new lines, but the cursor remains at first line.
Any idea? I am targeting html5

Hmm, I thought we just fixed that. Does it work when you click on a second or third line, or is that on the first line as well?

If I click on second line and type, the new text will be inserted at second line, however, the cursor is still at line one.

Ah, I debugged this issue, but we didn’t get a final fix. Here’s the issue: https://github.com/openfl/openfl/issues/1778

Oh, that’ strange issue, as I can see new lines in the text, the issue is only related to the cursor location…