Testing out plugins

I’m just testing out some plugins. It may be excessive, but I’m testing out a plugin that makes it easier to embed reply GIFs. Not sure if this is awesome, or something that’s just waiting to be over-used :smile:


Hehe I love these

Not sure I’m actually using the plugin here, I just pasted the url of this image:


It’s a little arrow button that appears on the editing bar, you can click on images to preview, and click “select” to embed

Ah, I didn’t notice the “reply” in “reply gif.” I don’t think I’m likely to use this feature, but then I don’t normally use reaction gifs at all.

Yeah, I’m personally waiting for custom emoticons :slight_smile:

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Am I doing it right? :wink:


Haha that is so cute!

Alright, I think we’ve got it! :success: :yey:

What that feature will probably feel like in a month because folks like me love us some counterproductive stoopid stuff.

And I will end up overusing it.


Haha, you just might be right :fwp:
But I love it :dealwithit: