Testing OpenFl and Pixi: browsers are the X

I am doing a few testing with 2 identical projects made one using OpenFl and the other one using Pixi, and I have noticed pretty comparable performances. The big problem is not the rendering engine, but the browser: Chrome perform a lot worse than Firefox, is it normal?
I also notice that performances do not depend so much on the number of animated object on stage, but mainly on stage size, and FF always wins.

IE performs like FF.

I also tried to play an OGG file, and noticed that IE plays it, while FF and Chrome don’t: which format is supported by FF and Chrome?

Possible ogg not playing because the browser’s security (or something similar) is not allowing it when you run your app by just opening html file. Try to use flashdevelop - it automatically runs small webserver for testing apps.

Really, is this in GL, or in canvas? I’ve been meaning to dig back into performance again and tighten things up

Depending on your OS, I have seen better performance in Firefox, and surprisingly better performance in IE than I would have thought before

As for sound, OGG, WAV and MP3 are required to support all major browsers, I believe. OpenFL will let you use all three if you name the files the same, except for the extension. The browser should load the one it needs

@T1mL3arn: about OGG, I don’t think it is a problem of permissions as the IE test has been made executing the html directly, not from FlashDevelop.

@singmajesty: I have both OGG and MP3, I will try adding WAV, but WAV files are enormous and it would be a big problem downloading them.
I don’t know if it is executed with GL or canvas, how can I check this?

default should be canvas, unless you use -Dwebgl somewhere

Console log will show you if there is a problem with permissions. For me Firefox (any version as I remember) plays ogg if I run html5 directly, but any other browser don’t.

Where do I use this parameter in FlashDevelop?

EDIT: ok, I have put it in the target dropdown menu: as I said here using DOM speed is about 2x but window resizing is gone, while with webgl I can’t see anything. This for Chrome, (sadly) the reference browser.