Teste Lime webgl to the limits

hi folks, for test propose can say much fps have , on my pc
i have have 60 on Mozilla and 55 on Chrome .



I have around 55-60 fps too.

Linux (i5-3570k), Firefox : 60 fps
Linux (i5-3570k), Chromium : 60 fps
Android 4.1 (rk3188), Firefox : 45-55 fps
Android 4.1 (rk3188), Chrome: 8-9 fps

neni i’m impress with Chromium on linux i have to see.


While you’re profiling performance, if you find any aspects of Lime that could be improved for runtime performance, feel free to point them out. Performance was a consideration when setting up the API, but it hasn’t been fully profiled.

singmajesty Lime for me is perfect .
all the optimization must be in user code but only thing i think is strange is mozilla performance vs chrome.
on my demos mozilla is best i don’t now if is my code or Mozilla is better than chrome for webgl.

It might be, it also depends on the OS. I think I find that Firefox tends to perform best on Linux or Windows, I forget.

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Without gpu-vsync on 64 bits systems (Windows and Linux), Intel HD4000, full screen (1920x1200):

Windows 7, Firefox (33) : 157-173 fps
Windows 7, Chrome (39): 104-122 fps
Windows 7, IE (11, with vsync?): 66 fps

Linux, Firefox (33): 125-147 fps
Linux, Chromium (39): 74-86 fps

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iphone6 IOS 10.9.5,safari:60 fps
awesome job!