Target blackberry?

I updated to OpenFL 4, is blackberry target dropped?

lime build blackberry
Error: "blackberry" is an unknown target

Yes, BlackBerry is supported in OpenFL 3 releases, we have considered adding it to our newer codebase, but BlackBerry seems to have moved completely to Android for consumer devices, and are supporting BlackBerry 10 for enterprise and government. It seems like supporting Android is probably the right way to support BlackBerry in the future, what do you think?

They have erratic policies, currently they have this program:

Since OpenFL 4 fixed a couple of visual bugs I had in native platforms, I was going to participate with a very lite version of my wip game Tacticaler.

I see in the lime repository that the the blackberry templates are still there, how can I test if the build still works?

Wow, those are mixed messages :confused:

I know for sure that only -Dlegacy had BlackBerry 10 support, so you might not have any fixes to the visual bugs you experienced in the past, as that would be the old shape rendering.

Yeah, really mixed messages, maybe they start giving away phones again :smiley:

They also started featuring my games again, atm Super Monster Truck Xtreme is fully featured in the carousel.

I didn’t know that only legacy worked with bb. I’ll make a release with 3.6 and see if I can bypass some of the bugs. If not, no problem, this is only a side project.

This was just posted on CrackBerry:

hahahaha this is a soap opera!

Not to mention, I just now learned that Palm Inc exists again, as a California company, owned by Alcatel. Whaaat?

You should be ready to add J2ME support in OpenFL 5! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: