Tacticaler, a turn based strategy game

Hi all,

I’m developing a turn based strategy and tactics game called Tacticaler. I took a lot of things from Advance Wars as well as other games like Panzer General.

I’m using OpenFL and HaxeUI :slight_smile:

It’s currently in closed beta, if you want to test it you can join at tacticaler.com. I’m releasing weekly updates based on the feedback I receive from testers and my internal plannig.

Here are some screenshots from the latest release:

Let me know what you think of the project :smiley:


Really nice looking game! I like the style, really great! Advance Wars on hex grids :slight_smile: It looks like you ditched the rock-paper-scissors relationships between the different units, or maybe I just didn’t see it? The support/penalty of neighboring units on attack damage is nice as well!

I like that there’s the tactical battle game, and also the strategy game on the map. I don’t feel that the “clicker game” mechanic makes sense though.

Other thoughts from when I was playing:

  • After selecting a unit, the game previews its attack range based on where the mouse is – very good!
  • Level 2: I killed soldiers from afar with my artillery, and they did nothing. Even when they were at 2 HP, no reaction, no moving away or moving towards me.
  • A damage preview would be nice, in the attack mode, so you can see how much damage you would do (and receive) before committing to it.
  • In the coast level, the enemy tank at top-right went to the top-right city, but was layered beneath it. It became properly layered a while afterwards, when I moved a soldier above it.

Really good job!

Thanks for playing and the helpful feedback!

I plan to add a lot more units, so all the current balance is temporal, the final balance will be a nightmare! =)

Can you explain a little more why you think the “clicker mechanic” doesn’t make sense? With the current units and buildings it has little sense, but the idea is thtat you’ll have to develop more your army to advance to the next level. I expect that in following releases it will be more evident.

As for the AI, yes, it needs more polishing (a lot more). I have a couple of new ideas to implement (like behaviour based on health and different types of personalities).

A combat preview is in queue for this week =)

I can reproduce the tank behind the city, it’s a bug in the z-ordering algorithm, thanks for reporting it.

It seems I have a lot to work on! =)

In clicker games, you can just leave them open and walk away, then return later and have a whole lot of resources to work with. This game is a game of war, so it feels like time should be more precious somehow. To me, there’s a disconnect between the two genres. Like while you’re sitting around waiting for your money to generate, what are the enemies doing? They’re hanging around waiting for you to prepare? Are they developing themselves at the same time?

I’m not sure I’m explaining it too well… Let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

I know what you mean :slight_smile:

My initial idea was that the other cpu players have to develop their armies too. I still have to think a lot of details in this design to make it feasible (like if the cpu can invade your territory or have wars between them) because the game complexity can scalate a lot.

An initial step in this direction will be that the cpu can also deploy units. And then I’ll play with an AI to test if the concept can work.

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Beta Update 4!

I need all the feedback and testing possible because I completely redesigned the tactic AI. It might still have several bugs and crashes that needs to be found :slight_smile:


  • New tactic AI
  • Maps with smooth borders
  • New unit, Tank Buster
  • A lot of bugfixes

You can join the closed beta at www.tacticaler.com

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