Swf target Permission denied

After last update I have a problem on one of my projects with swf debug target running in FlashDevelop.
I try to check PiratePig demo and get the same: Sys_error(“Export/flash/debug/bin/PiratePig.swf: Permission denied”)
Any idea what’s happening?

I have this problem if the SWF is already running.

If it is not, perhaps try closing FlashDevelop, and see if it works after opening again, or if it works from the command-line (after FlashDevelop is closed)

I’m not sure is it somehow connected but after erasing this line, it works again.


I’m having trouble with submitting Lime 3.7.1, but it can be downloaded here


(you can install using haxelib local <path to zip>)

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OK, I upgrade new lime version and everything is OK. Thanks.