SWF not loading in

I am new to OpenFL and I tried to convert a swf to html5 using the SimpleSWFLayout sample and putting my swf file and .fla in the assets folder. Then when I test the build I get a white screen and nothing comes up. Can someone help me convert a swf to html5 using OpenFL so I can make my game?


Are you using Haxelib or NPM to install OpenFL?

Assuming Haxelib, did you edit your “project.xml” to add your SWF file as a library (similar to the line there for “layout.swf”)?

Then – if you set the library to preload automatically – you can use Assets.getMovieClip to get a symbol from your SWF. You need both the ID (which defaults to the name of the SWF minus the extension) as well as the name of your symbol. For example:

var clip = Assets.getMovieClip("testing:MyExportedSymbol");

If you would like to get the root timeline, just use "testing:"

Bear in mind that OpenFL supports traditional keyframe tweens, but not the newer motion tweens yet. It does not support shape tweens, and does not support embedded ActionScript – only shapes and symbols

Thanks for the help.