Swf library problem?

I use swf library to get BitmapData on flash and windows.and swf file has Bitmap class only(I need only).
It’s OK when I get TagDefineBitsLossless BitmapData on flash and windows,but don’t work when I get
TagDefineBitsJPEG3 BitmapData on flash(windows is OK),see the code,and I find it’s no handle on flash.


The “swf” format code is not guaranteed to work on Flash. When you use type “swf” with OpenFL, the Flash target uses an ordinary flash.display.Loader and uses Flash’s built-in SWF support. “swflite”, however, is the same on Flash and other targets

The only way to uncompress the bytes on Flash in a quick way is to use a Loader, which breaks the synchronous nature of this API. It could be done manually with a ByteArray here, but it could lock up Flash Player since its slow :slight_smile:

It’s means I must do it separately? use "swf " on windows,and flash.display.loader on flash.
I hope I could use the unified API

If you use <library path="library.swf" preload="true" /> and Assets.getMovieClip ("library:") it should work on all targets – it uses a display loader on Flash and the custom SWF elsewhere

Well,I don’t use this way.Thank your answer :yum: