SWF assets colors

So I’m using swf as assets library and it seems that MovieClip’s colors are a little different when I compile swf from haxe. On the left you can see swf compiled from Flash Pro CC and on the right haxe/openfl one. I’m using Assets.getMovieClip(id) to get movieclip from swf. Any ideas why would this happen?

actuate: 1.7.5 1.8.1 [1.8.2]
format: [3.1.2]
hxcpp: 3.1.39 3.1.48 [3.1.68]
lime-tools: 1.5.6 [1.5.7]
lime: 1.0.0 2.0.5 2.1.1 2.1.2 [2.1.3]
openfl: 2.0.0 2.2.3 2.2.4 2.2.6 [2.2.8]
svg: [1.0.8]
swf: 1.5.2 1.7.5 [1.7.7]

Extracting bitmaps from swf has the same problem. Colors are different, so it’s not a problem with vector graphics.

This does not occur on windows using same versions of libs…hmm…
Maybe it’s related to flash pro version, I’m using cc 2014 on osx and standard cc on windows.

Hmm, perhaps different versions of Flash are creating slightly different SWF output, though I’m not sure why this would be an issue.

Perhaps there’s something going on with sensitivity to the monitor’s display settings, to set the color mode. What happens if you open the Flash CC generated SWF outside of Flash CC, like OpenFL is doing?

Yup, it appears to be a problem with Flash itself. Different versions display colors differently (on osx at least). Here is the same fla open at the same time, on the left flash cs6, on the right cc 2014. So it has nothing do to with haxe/openfl :smile:

Yeah, my first guess would be a sensitivity to the color temperature settings / color profile of your monitor, one is respecting it and one is not