Swf asset instance name problem on Mac

I’m building a crossplatform tool that uses swf assets. It works perfectly on Windows.
But on Mac, I can’t get some DisplayObjects. It seems that their instance names are not correctly set.
So instead of having for example : myMovieClip_mc I have instance2048
The problem is that it doesn’t occur for every assets. Some of them works, other don’t.

Does anyone have the same problem?

False alarm. Same problem occurs in Windows.

But it seems we just need to execute openfl process my.swf each time we upgrade openfl. (I guess that’s a compatibility problem). So everything seems to work on Mac now. Sorry.

Unfortunately, the output is not independent of OpenFL/Lime internals (which may change between versions), but long-term we may arrive at something that is more backward compatible, while keeping with the balance of runtime performance

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