SVG is not displayed correct on Android device


I created a svg image using Inkscape. Here it is the image displayed Inkscape or in any browser:

However, when I use the image in my Android application, it gets displayed in a really weird way, like this(ignore the ball and the line in the center):

I want the image to be displayed on Android like it is in Inkscape.

Have you tried to use PNG? I notice that using images/source (SVG, swf, bmp, gif) other than PNG results to apps with images that could not be rendered well in html5, windows and Linux. I haven’t tried android build though, but I am just thinking it might be the same way.

openfl 3.3.1

Using PNG instead of SVG solves this issue, but now I have to manage different screen resolutions and I don’t know how to do this.

What version of lime, openfl and svg do you have?

Are you using openfl legacy?

Also worth testing Flash, to help us know if it’s SVG parsing or graphics drawing issues :slight_smile: