SVG animation in openfl

I am a beginner in Haxe and trying to convert my Flash projects to HTML5.
I have been using SWF in some of my projects, but there are some cases my projects are lagging and now I am looking forward to use Vector Graphics for my projects.
I am exporting SVG animations using Adobe animate CC.
The SVG is rendering properly in openFL but I don’t know how to play SVG animations.

If anybody has any solution, please help.
Thanks in advance.

If you have lags with swf, svg will not solved your problem. It’s better to use such tools like spine, spriter or dragonbones with Tilemap. I don’t know if it’s possible to control svg animations with Openfl, I never used it.

I’m curious, having you ever looked into Lottie, I wrote a project a while back that parsed vector animations and played them in OpenFL if something like that would be of use let me know. I could polish it up and open source it.

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