Suscriptions in googleplay EXPIRED?

Hi i use Enhance to trying to use the payments in my app but it doesn’t have any form to see if a suscription has EXPIRED…

There’s any extension updated that support all purcheases products and suscriptions and who to know if a product has EXPIRED?

i know that @singmajesty implements extension-iap but I don’t understand how the example works. There is any way to know if a product expired ?

Have you contacted them to ask about adding this feature to the SDK?

Yes, I have already engaged with them on the issue and I think they are going to discuss implementing it, but it may take too long so I try to find other alternatives. That’s why I asked for help with this.

I’m looking at, but I can’t tell if it supports expired subscriptions or not, it does appear to support purchasing of subscriptions, at least, though

If that’s what I noticed recently, I wanted to ask you about,
what would be the way to find out the status of a product or subscription with your code?

I believe it polls the inventory for IAP, and receives a list of items that are in the inventory. If a subscription expired, perhaps it will not appear in the inventory?

I thought it could be that way too, but in proof of payment even if I canceled the subscription I still have the product and the count of this product is 1, the only thing that resets all products and trial subscriptions is googleplay when I go through the day in test mode.