Support Starling 2 and Feathers 3 Framework


@singmajesty do you plan to support/port Starling2 and Feathers3 frameworks?
we are planing to port our games from flash/starling to opnefl/starling?

what is road map regarding this frameworks?




Our plan right now is to focus our efforts on Starling 1.8 and to bring more focus to the Away3D library. Our goal is to continue to mature the Stage3D API in OpenFL, which will benefit any Stage3D library.

There is a port of the Starling 2 library in Github repository (“master” branch), but I would like to give Starling 2 the same attention Starling 1.8 has gotten to make it as close to the original library as possible and drive any needed fixes into the Stage3D layer


@singmajesty thanks for your detailed answer. The main target for us is HTML5 and what I tested from samples it works! Only issue left is FeathersUI, we use lot of UI from this Framework.
found vroad’s port of Feathers but is is too old.

Thanks again.


Can you post the link to vroad’s port of feathers?


sure feathers openfl


Hey, any plans for official port of Feathers 3 UI, there exists an unofficial Feathers-Openfl and that’s too old. So when’s gonna come latest official Feathers-Openfl UI…


Our current goal is to have a stable Starling 2 port, first, then Feathers would follow afterward.

Starling 2 is almost stable right now, just something to track down on iOS


Does this mean we can finally see Feathers Port happening in 1-2 months?


It depends on how soon we find the cause of this issue on iOS, and if anyone wants to help port Feathers


can you make a sample of the ios bug so I can test?


Using the latest Lime, OpenFL and the Starling master branch on GIT, test the Starling demo (under “starling/samples/demo”) for iOS. The Render Texture, Filter and Mask samples cause an OpenGL error (and crash) when it tries to flip the screen buffers, which is really weird. All other targets appear to work, and I can’t find any examples of this occurring elsewhere online :frowning:


The FeathersUI port would be nice!! +1
I really need to use some Stage3D UI framework, but I did not found any for openfl.


Maybe someone could make a backend for HaxeUI

or layer OpenFL display objects on top?


yes there was idea to mix stage3d (starling) and nativedisplalist (stablexui/haxeui).


As I understand, the architecture of HaxeUI is abstract, and can be used with different kinds of rendering. There is an existing haxeui-openfl implementation, but this could be extended (using #if starling or forked to haxeui-starling) to work within the Starling display list


Has anyone started a Feathers 3 port? More than happy to help.