Support for flash.desktop.NativeDragManager et al?


Is there or there will be any support for flash.desktop.NativeDragManager et al, in order to drag and drop files over the openfl app window, as in flash AIR?


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We use SDL2 for the desktop, it appears to support “SDL_DropEvent” for drag-and-drop, so this could be added to Lime.

Bottom-line, this is possible. It’s not on the roadmap, but it might be an easy pull request. What are you using it for?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Actually it’s no big deal. I’m trying to build a small helper tool for getting swfs screenshots and saving the capture as without having to go all the way screenshot->photoshop->editing -> saving.

I did it with AIR previously, but it’s not reliable when several swfs are dropped at once, so I wanted to give openfl a go.

Thanks for your interest.

Oh, gotcha, well I think this is a good idea in general. We’ll need a drop event (of some kind) wired in Lime, then it should be possible to handle :slight_smile:

Wow i am slow than @MisterBulls_Hit.

Thanks for truth! I need it if you drop small window to main window like drag drop demo from website

It is initial native drop and native drag with native windows /panels.

SDL2 i will find it and work together…