String.fromCharCode doesn't work properly in neko/.cpp targets

This is similar to the problem I had before where c++ and neko didn’t work with utf8 strings so I had to use the utf8 class. The only problem is, the function String.fromCharCode still doesn’t work correctly. It works in flash and html5 but not in c++ and neko.

Sometimes i need to convert a unicode character to extended ascii text, (you know 128 and above which has some block characters and other oddities). I just can’t get haxe to do it.

Does anyone have any ideas (I noticed this was sort of a problem back in 2013 but there hasn’t been a satisfactory solution. So anyone else have any thoughts?

I basically had a problem trying to get a character to compare against a target (identifying areas the player can walk), and couldn’t use String.fromCharCode to return it, so instead I did what I did with the other stuff. I call Utf8.iter – and pass a function which checks the only character in the string and then returns the proper key code. With this method I can actually compare two.

But I still have the problem because I still use String.fromCharCode elsewhere. So anyone have any ideas?


Does lime.text.UTF8String help? It may make some of this more consistent across platforms