Strange behavior GFX or text position on Iphone (html5 target)

(maybe on small resolution android too…)

The bag (1) : textField vertical centered on Desktop (1920,1080), android FHD+ or HD+ - good, but on Iphone (1334 * 750) - wrong centered by 5-10px lower. Standart code
this._text.y = Math.round(( _back.height - _text.height) / 2); no diffrence with textHeight always bag

The bag(2) : make movieClip or Sprite, add a bitmap on center -20,-20 for example. Start the rotation. On desktop or android - all good, but on iphone while rotation the object shaking

testing on Chrome and Safari

U can test it by : please test on IOS and Android - diffrent behavior

This may be related to browser support of canvas text “top”

Perhaps some newer versions of these browsers do work properly

Fixed as - draw some headers as IMG, fixed Rotation : if source is big, and u scale it to smaller - bug appears. So dont scale, make asset at real size - bug fixed. IOS so IOS…