StoryDev 2 - the successor to the interactive story engine for Haxe


To download: haxelib install sd2-engine (stable version) or haxelib git sd2-engine (latest)

StoryDev 2 is a newly announced interactive story engine, the spiritual successor to the original engine designed to be built on-top any game of your desire. You can also make entire games using this engine alone!

Latest Patch Notes (0.1.3-beta)

  • Added font customisation
  • Added bitmap customisation
  • Added the ability to insert variable values into text - $message results in acquiring the variable named “message”
  • Several bug fixes

Live Previewing
With the ConvoManager, you can enable live previewing on native and neko targets. When your testing your interactive story, any saved changes you make in any linked JSON file will immediately take effect without needing to recompile.

High Customisation
Despite the lack of customisation for choices currently, there is a lot of behaviour configuration and positioning customisation you can give. Padding, alignment, size and position are all possible for each individual UI element, and it is straight-forward and easy to put together.

The JSON files are not exhaustive, designed to be simple in structure and easy to use.

Example code:

import hscript.Interp;
import hscript.Parser;
import openfl.display.Sprite;
import sd2.Conversation;
import sd2.ConvoManager;

class Main extends Sprite
        private static var _parser:Parser;
        private static var _interp:Interp;

        public function new()
        	//Test code
        	_parser = new Parser();
        	_interp = new Interp();
        	_parser.allowJSON = true;
        	_parser.allowTypes = true;

        	var manager = new ConvoManager("info/convos.json", _parser, _interp);
        	manager.previewEnabled = true;



An editor is currently in the pipeline. This editor will not be free, it will be commercial and available on all major operating systems (Linux, Windows and Mac).

The editor will start work once all the basic foundations and customisation options have been completed, and I will be keeping you up-to-date over on my blog for any further information regarding StoryDev 2.

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Very interesting! I love such kind o software!

I’m working right now on my own digital publishing software, Managana (, that is currently built using Apache Flex, now migrating to OpenFL.