StoryDev 2 Announcement

If you did not already know, I created an text-based interactive story engine a while back called StoryDev. It is currently open source and found on Github on my profile.

I have decided to start creating the second project, which I had actually started earlier this year in May when I got my new laptop. I have returned and have decided to start anew after being inspired by the business model Casey Muratori uses for his Handmade Hero project.

StoryDev 2 is going to be not only a written interactive story engine, but will also be a visual novel engine. It may later also involve an animated interactive story engine similar to Tell Tale’s games. I have started my series like a tutorial series, and the first video can be found here.


As a consequence of personal, financial and psychological problems involving me and my life, I have decided to stop doing both video tutorials and StoryDev content.

I hope that my issues get resolved sooner rather than later, in the hope that it otherwise does not lead into depression.

I wish you all the best tienery :wink:

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