Store images in system-level photo app?

Is there an extension or other platform-independent technique to store an image generated in my app in a system-level photo collection? I’m disinclined to implement full sharing services within my game. But if the user can capture an image of the game and set that aside as a photo, they can always find the image later and share it in whatever manner is supported by their platform.

You should be able to get system paths, such as the standard storage directory. I wonder if saving an image would appear in photo applications, or if something special is required for it to register. lime.system.System.applicationStorageDirectory or openfl._v2.utils.SystemPath.applicationStorageDirectory I think (depending on whether you are on legacy)

Hmm, it hadn’t occurred to me that the answer could be as simple as just knowing the filesystem layout. Interesting, thanks. I suppose on further reflection that there may already be a facility to do this built in to mobile systems – just take a screenshot! The only difference is that you necessarily get the whole screen that way, and at device resolution. I might think about a built-in feature since it lets me customize the image that’s captured.