Steamwrap leaderboards

I’m trying to get my game working with the Steamwrap library. So far, achievements work fine, but leaderboards don’t.

Whatever name I use, it always says that find succeeded:

[STEAM] Leaderboard.FIND(HighScores)  SUCCEEDED
[STEAM] Leaderboard.FIND(alsjkdfsldjkf)  SUCCEEDED

And when I upload a new score it reports true:

		var s: LeaderboardScore = new LeaderboardScore("HighScores", score, 0);
		trace ("uploadLeaderboardScore: " + Steam.uploadLeaderboardScore (s));

uploadLeaderboardScore: true

but at steamworks, nothing ever appears (“No entries in this leaderboard”). Also the callback (steamWrap_onLeaderboardScoreDownloaded) is never called.

Any ideas?