Status of filters on native targets

I would like to know the status of filters, in particular GlowFilter, for native targets. From what I read from various sources (forum/changelog, etc) seems like it should work. But I can’t get it working on my machines.

openfl = 8.3.0; lime = 6.4.0;
target = win10 / mac

  • GlowFilter on text field is shown as solid color outlines:

  • GlowFilter on bitmap has no effect at all.


		tf = new TextField();
		var font = Assets.getFont('fonts/black.ttf');
		tf.defaultTextFormat = new TextFormat(font.fontName, 80, 0x84C3EB, null, null, null, null, null, TextFormatAlign.CENTER);
		tf.embedFonts = true;
		tf.selectable = false;
		tf.filters =  [new GlowFilter(0x84C3EB, 0.5, 32, 32, 1, 3)];

There was a hack on TextField + GlowFilter to try and enable glow filter using changes to our Cairo/Canvas render pass. This has been changed in the development versions. Could you try a test using (for example) a circle? You can also test with or without -Dcairo (native) or -Dcanvas to see the difference between the software-based filter and the GL-based filters. They might have different results

Come to think of it, there may have been an issue with filters on the last OpenFL release, I think it was these two:

I tried cairo and cacheAsBitmap and a few other stuff and can’t get the glow filter still.

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