Starling without wdirect="Direct"

Is it possible to generate flash version without the need of parameter wdirect=“Direct”?

I’m willing to give a try on Starling but I don’t need Stage3D.

As far as I know Starling is “layer” for Stage3D.

I know. But as it was ported to Haxe / openfl I thought that this ported version could have a way to disable Stage3D/when it were not needed.

I don’t see the reason to use Starling then. Just use flash display list instead. Even if it’s Haxe, I believe it still use Stage3d for Flash (Starling) target

Stage3D is a requirement for Starling, on Flash Player, it uses Adobe APIs, elsewhere it uses our own implementation of Stage3D. The “non-wmode-direct” method of Starling would be HTML5 – requiring WebGL instead :slight_smile: