on iOS

new TextField( 200, 50, "Starling TextField", new TextFormat( "Arial", 40, 0xFF0000 ) );

is truncated on bottom and not centered (bottom)


You can do:

_texte = new TextField(1, 1, "Starling TextField", new TextFormat( "Arial", 40, 0xFF0000 ) );
_texte.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.BOTH_DIRECTIONS;

the text is not displayed with your code on HTML5

I use it for HTML5 target without problem.
There might be another problem…

I use Starling 2, it work when I export to Flash, but not on HTML5.

Oh, I use the 1.8.13 version…
Would love to use Starling 2, but really not sure it’s ready for production…

I can confirm it’s a Starling 2 issue.
I opened an issue there :

Thanks for the report