Starling Particle system portage to haxe please help

So I’m trying to port this to Haxe Starling.

Here is what I got so far :

The system seems to be running, particles are being created with correct parameters, blend etc. but nothing renders on screen.
I’m stuck, the targetSpace seems to be correct, might be the juggler, I don’t know, I’m not skilled enough to find out. Please help me to finish the port, thank you !

How I create the particles :

var particles:PDParticleSystem = new PDParticleSystem(assets.getXml(“fireball”), assets.getTexture(“fireball”) );

Does it work on the Flash target?

If it does, we may have a little more work on our end to fully support all of Starling’s features.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I tried and it works in flash with a small change in Starling/utils/VertexData.hx (runtime index error)
I had to uncomment this //mRawData.fixed = false; line 147
I don’t know why it was commented, but there must be a reason… So is it safe to keep this change ?

Anyway it worked in flash, so I tried again in native build and it worked too with this little change, except for a few blends.

I found out not every pair of Blend source / Blend destination were visible in windows native build, when they are in flash, so there seems to be work to be done.
For example, one that doesn’t work :
blendFuncSource value="770"
blendFuncDestination value=“774”

Visible in flash but not in window build.:sweat_smile:

Thank you again ! :smile:

We should probably add this to our Starling version, to include it out of the box, unless you think the extension should be kept separate?

Of course we should, what about the small change in Vertexdata ? Could it create bugs somewhere else ?

I did an initial merge here as a combination of your work and the original

Take a look, and let me know if this works for you :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

It works with a few changes, what is the best way for me to show you these changes ?

I uploaded the git, you can have a look, this works out of the box if you add it to starling including the file VertexData.hx

Thanks :smiley:

  1. Fork the repository. (Look for a “fork” button at the top-right in singmajesty’s link.)
  2. Make your changes.
  3. Click the “pull request” button on your fork’s homepage.
  4. Type up a brief summary, and submit.

Thanks, I’m a noob about github so it helps !

I made a lot of fixes yesterday, and added the particle demo. I think it should all be working, I’m sorry that we did this in tandem, but if you wouldn’t mind taking a look, I think it should all be fine now :slight_smile:

Really cool, it works perfectly !
Thank you so much, I switched my game development from starling Air to openfl few months ago and I have to say I couldn’t be happier.
You guys rocks ! I hope the game can be a good publicity for the plateform and his potential, I will make sure to talk about OpenFl.
If you’re curious about the game, it’s a brawler taking place on rooftops, you can have a look here