Starling on Chrome: context3d not available

I am doing my first steps on porting my as3 air starling game to Haxe + openfl + starling.

I have downloaded the haxe starling library demos from Github, and for some reason when I publish to html5,
I get the error: stage3d error: Context3D not available on Google Chrome on my PC.
I am using HaxeDevelope 5.3.3
See Here:

  • I am using chrome Version 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • On internet explorer I do get the project to run.
  • Compiling to ‘neko’ target - also works

Does other WebGL content work in your copy of Chrome? Perhaps your graphics card is blacklisted? Does rebooting help?

I needed to enable my chrome with WebGL.
I have followed this HOW TO ENABLE WEBGL
and now it is showing correctly.

Thank you Joshua,
and honored to meet you :slight_smile:

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Glad this worked out!

Enjoy OpenFL :slight_smile: