Starling Now Available on NPM

OpenFL 7.1 and Lime 6.1 are now available on Haxelib and NPM!

Among other minor features, OpenFL now properly supports Stage3D on NPM (where it was previously unavailable). We have also resolved showstopper issues when using GL framebuffers with the Xcode 11 SDK. This was the final blocker preventing us from releasing Starling 2 on Haxelib.

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Please, tell me why Starling was written above OpenFL? Only because uses package openfl.display3D?
For eaxample Can I use DragonBones with Starling port?

Now I do some test for porting my AIR|Strarling game to html5. I’ve done it with Dart|StageXL and now want to compare with Haxe|Starling.

But I need support of TweenLight (from GreenSock) and GAF Animation (
Do you have plans to port it as extension of Haxe|Starling or OpenFL?

And if you have OpenFL ports of popular framevorks|libraries (like DragonBones and may be GAF in future) - how is it correlates with Starling port? Can I add Straling DisplayObject and OpenFL DispalyObject on one stage? Or you need to port all twice?


The Haxe port of Starling is line-to-line comparable to the AS3 version, so a file comparison (except for an extra indent) is mostly semantic differences. Otherwise it is a few fixes for behavior.

If the core team for Starling were interested, it could be written to not require OpenFL, but to use Lime (our cross-platform) directly, but this would mean that projects rely on both Flash and Starling APIs would not port over. Upsides and downsides.

Our intention is not to rewrite Starling.

Yes, we have a port of the latest (I believe) version of AS3 DragonBones runtime. There is a tween library called Actuate that is well tested for Haxe project, or there may be a more recent port of TweenLite. I see one here ( but it might require a little work as it’s designed for Haxe version. I’m not aware of a GAF port for Haxe, but it could be done. Is their runtime open-source?

Yes, you should be able to use Starling and OpenFL display objects together :slight_smile:

Yes, there is Starling 2 version for GAF animation -
So, I think, it will be not so difficult for you)

GAF really useful especially for flash community - because you can create all animation (and optional GUI) inside Adobe Animate (I think the best solution for this) and then export to GAF format. You can read more about GAF - I think it becomes one of industry standard for animation nowadays.

My demo with GAF animation (if you are interested in) -
And I want to do this with Haxe|Straling)

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Are there any news about any animations engines for Haxe Starling? I think it’s imortant think. And it would be better if you collect and post information about this with Staling news.
You dont answer me about GAF player port (