Starling Haxe and Scroll Container?

Hi, I started working on a new project that has a lot of images for loading at the same time. first of all i choose the Starling As3 and Feathers but i had some issues with async texture loading on android then i switched to starling haxe and feel like at home, i can easily use my own texture atlases and bitmap fonts (it is very important, hope that can be totally fixed the openfl textfield errors when scaling stage up and down) but the new problem exists, we have no Feathers port. Any suggestions or Can I use StableUI inside Starling Haxe Thanks.

One option might be HaxeUI, I believe it’s designed where it does not have it’s own renderer, so it provides context about what to draw, and you handle the drawing yourself. That would mean that it could be used with Starling, with a little integration.

There is an open forum topic for porting Feathers, I believe an old version is ported, but a stable port would be welcome. Perhaps porting only part of the library would be possible as well?

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