Starling DragonBones for HTML5


I want to know status of official DB library

There is still not working alpha animations for flash target.

HTML5 target doesn’t compile without these pull request changes.

Example projects work well. But when i tried to use my custom animation, i got decrease fps from 60 to 15.
I use DB ide 5.6, export data version for 5.0, Haxe 3.4.7, openfl 8.1.1, lime 6.3.1, starling master branch.

Maybe somebody knows tips for export of DB animation for this library or has working branch? :disappointed_relieved:

I believe the library uses beginBitmapFill + drawTriangles or drawRect, but bitmap fill and drawRect is not HW accelerated on OpenFL 8, currently, only drawTriangles, drawQuads and color fill rectangles.

I think this would be an action point to use a different API in this port or to accelerate drawRect + bitmap fill (or both!)

It’s a port of the most (or almost the most) recent AS3 version of the library, I’m not sure what data version that expects?

Thanks for accepting pull request.

And i’ve rebuilt my demo project and FPS doesn’t decrease anymore. DB Starling HTML5 platform is ok now :blush:

just to be clear : beginBitmapFill + drawTriangles is not accelerated ? but beginFill + drawTriangles is accelerated?

I’m asking because I was planning to change soon my Spriter library to work with bitmapFill and drawTriangles.

I believe that all drawTriangles/drawQuads calls are accelerated now, but only color fill on drawRect is