Starling demo bug on macOs (vmWare) cpp build

I was testing the port of my game on macOs vmWare cpp build and I noticed something odd… The Starling "viewport"or something else is quickly scaling down when the build starts.
So I tried with the starling demo (working well with neko build on macos vmWare) with a cpp build and the same thing happens, the demo quickly scale down untill its scale is too small to be visible on stage…
If I test without Starling, just a openfl bitmap on stage, it’s working properly.

So it seems like there is a problem with the Starling port and the cpp build on mac.
Did any of you tried the Starling port on mac so far ?
Else can someone test it on a mac, maybe it is just from my config (yosemite 10.10, vmWare).

Thank you !

I’ve been doing some test on a real mac, not VM, and the problem is not present there.
My guess is that it has to be related to the DPI of the screen, since in VM I do not have the full resolution of my screen (4K) so maybe it somehow checks and scales the viewport or something on top of that according to the screenDPI…
Maybe I’m wrong but anyway this problem is only visible on VM.
Funny thing to notice is that the textfield are not being scaled down recursively like the rest of the view port, even though their also made inside Starling…

The latest OpenFL, Lime and Starling contain a fix for the scaling problem

I can run the mac target no problem natively on my mac. But having issues for iOS myself. my app runs great so far on neko and mac.