[Starling] Collection of custom filters + GodRayPlane ported from AS3

Hi all !

I just finished porting Devon O. Wolfgang’s starling filters collection (https://github.com/devon-o/Starling-Filters) to Haxe, so I thought I would share :slight_smile:


Devon O. Wolfgang has a flash demo available : http://onebyonedesign.com/flash/starling/filters/demo/

Those are not much tested yet : only on flash target, I will test them on windows/c++ soon.
CrossProcessingFilter is ready but I can’t seem to find out how to embed an image with a path that is relative to the class : if anyone knows how I’d be thankful ! I’m also wondering if the cross processing texture should be settable, I never used that filter. Then I wouldn’t need to embed the image.

About JS : I would like to know if I need to do something specific for the filters to work in JS. I noticed the BlurFilter has some specific additionnal code for JS, do I need to do the same ?

Not sure if I should do another post for GodRayPlane, here it is :

starling’s wiki page (with flash demo) is here : http://wiki.starling-framework.org/extensions/god_rays

Let me know if there is any issue !