Stage3D batching performance

Hello there.
I am trying to create a small engine and i am batching textured quads and rendering them to the screen. At the moment it can render around 1800 quads in a single draw call until FPS drops below 60. If i use more draw calls to render more quads, the FPS still drops after 1800 objects are rendered on the screen. Is it possible to increase performance so it can draw more objects. It was tested on Neko, i will try other targets as well.

C++ instead of Neko should help a lot, give that a try on your desktop, or HTML5, and see what you get

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Thanks Singmajesty, gonna give it a try right away!

Neko may provide fast compilation, but it’s the slowest target OpenFL offers. If you want a better balance of compilation speed and runtime speed, try HTML5 or Flash.


Thanks for the information player_03. I tried on HTML and i managed to get more than 200000 objects on the screen. Good to know that i am heading to the right direction, thanks for your help guys.

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