Stable Options not working[SOLVED]

I have an issue on stableui widgets Options where when I click the an option to selected it the selection does not update. I am not getting any feedback from the console. Has anyone encountered this problem? If so wertr you able to fix it?

My ui.xml looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Widget w="1024" h="800" top="20" >

	<HBox id="'invoices_index_root'" heightPt="100" widthPt="100">

		<VBox  widthPt="20" heightPt="80" top="54"  align="'left,top'" skin:Paint-border="2" >

			<Text left="20" top="100"  format-color="0x000000" format-size="22" text="'ACTIONS'" h="44"/>
			<Button widthPt="100" left="20" h="44" text="'New Invoice'" format-color="0x000000"  format-size="14" align="'left,top'" on-click="newInvoice();" />	
			<Button widthPt="100" left="20" h="44" text="'View All Clients'" format-color="0x000000"  format-size="14" align="'left,top'" />	


		<HBox  widthPt="80" leftPt="20" top="54" heightPt="80"  align="'left,top'" skin:Paint-border="2"  >

			        widthPt           = "100"
			        heightPt          = "80"
			        skin:Paint-color  = "0xFFFFFF"
			        skin:Paint-border = "0"
			        hBar-visible = "true"
					    <Box id="'invoicesIndexTable'" widthPt="100" childPadding="5" paddingTop="10" paddingBottom="10" right="0">




My code looks like this:

package views.invoices;

import openfl.display.Sprite;
import Main;
import ru.stablex.ui.*;
import ru.stablex.ui.UIBuilder;
import ru.stablex.ui.widgets.Widget;
import ru.stablex.ui.widgets.Text;
import ru.stablex.ui.widgets.HBox;
import ru.stablex.ui.widgets.Box;
import ru.stablex.ui.widgets.Options;
import ru.stablex.ui.widgets.Button;

class InvoiceNew extends Sprite{
	private var invoicesController:InvoicesController;

	public function new(){
           UIBuilder.init('Assets/ui/defaults.xml');	//add the defaults path to set font universally	

		var ui = UIBuilder.buildFn('Assets/ui/invoicenewui.xml')();

		this.addChild(ui);//load the XML UI


Not doing anything special so far. But the Options widget does not work properly for me.

Updating to the latest version fixed my problem with the Options widget.

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