SQLite support by AIR/Android/IOS targets


I’m writing an application for Android and IOS which should use database to store data, but I debug my application under AIR target to save my time.

I wonder is there any common way to use database within AIR, Android and IOS targets simultaneously?

I helped make a SQLite extension back in the day, but now it comes standard in the Haxe standard library. Does AIR normally support SQLite? Perhaps it would be possible to write an implementation (matching the Haxe standard library) to make AIR consistent with the other Haxe targets here.

Additional std API classes for AIR can be added to Lime, then lime test air will make these types available. There’s some stubs to support further work on this here:

Here’s the Haxe API we’d want to implement:


(there are more related APIs under the same package)

Yes, AIR supports SQLite normally. Is any work going on there now or should we start it?

That’s where the work should go, but I’m not currently working on this. There have been a couple developers who expressed interest in adding sys APIs for AIR, but there hasn’t been a pull request. AIR compatibility for these APIs would be great :slight_smile: