Sprite width and height issue exporting HTML5 and Tilesheets

Hi guys.

Just playing around with Tilesheets I found something that I believe is interesting to mention ( It tooks me more than 4 hours to discover it ). Not very sure if it could be considered a bug, but width and height of a sprite throws wrong values when compiling in html5 if you use tilesheets inside them. In flash it behaves like the flahs coders expect to behave :smile:

If you want some extra information just let me know and I will try to recreate the problem in a simple example .


I think in HTML5, it makes the canvas the size of the full project size, and does not try to perform a bounds calculation. Perhaps it should, though I was concerned of losing performance to iterating through all the objects in the array and calculating size, and perhaps (wrongly) making the canvas smaller/larger repeatedly over time. On the other hand, this shouldn’t necessarily effect the “logical” size of the object, this could be calculated and retained, at least at render time, I think. This would be good to keep track of, at least in a simple sample of something that’s failing to behave as expected

Yes it makes it as the size of the project, but only if you use Tilesheets.

At first I created my graphic object using Bitmaps as childs (wiith copyPixels ) and everything behaves in the same way compiling for flash and for HTML5.

When I started using Tilesheets the sprite become 800x600 when compiling with HTML5.

Been trying without success to understand what was happening and I find this post. :sweat_smile:

So, there’s no solution for this when using Tilesheets in html5?

Open to suggestions

The Graphics class in HTML5 calculates it’s size based on the instructions, in the interests of performance, drawTiles uses a full-screen sized canvas so that it neither grows nor shrinks in size, and so we don’t make a calculation against all the tile data in the array

Oh, I’m a total noob about this and didn’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for clarifying. :smile:

Ended up using a solution where I map the tile I need into a new bitmapData object and using it as a bitmapFill, when using the html target. Worked nice (at least for now :P).

My 5 cents on this topic - https://github.com/openfl/openfl/pull/434