Spaces in path to haxelib

I’m trying to compile an html5 project. The build fails before it can process the fonts for the web.

This is the path it fails on:
C:\Users\My Username\openfl-project\libs\lime/4,0,3/templates/bin/webify-windows.exe

It doesn’t like the space in “My Username”. If I update the lime script to wrap that in quotes, it doesn’t find the path because of the carets that get inserted in “…lime/4^,0^,3/templates…”

- Running command: "C:\Users\My Username\openfl-project\libs\lime/4^,0^,3/templates/bin/webify-windows.exe" "C:\Users\My Username\openfl-project\font\Lato-Bold.ttf"

Everything works properly if my haxelibs are in a path that contains no spaces. Does anyone know a nice workaround?

I’m not sure if this is our tools, or if the webify tool does not like the spaces (I had this problem recently with nekotools)

Are you able to run a command manually from a command prompt that works properly?

Yeah I can run it from the command prompt (if I wrap the path to webify-windows.exe in quotes to accommodate the space in my username). The path to my font also contains the space, but it gets wrapped in quotes as well.

I’m not sure at what point the ^ carets are inserted before commas in the path. I traced out the value during the build process all the way up to Sys.command call and it didn’t contain them :upside_down:

Are you running Haxe 3.4?

Perhaps give this change a try:

runCommand had this logic, but not runProcess, so that might be what’s going on – they updated path escaping in Haxe 3.3, which affected our support since we did the escaping ourselves already :wink: