Spaces in compiled game name preventing auto start after compile

Just a small usability problem: After updating openfl and lime to the latest versions my game won’t autostart when I test compile.

‘“Enchanted^ Cave^ 2.exe”’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

But I can then manually open the .exe and see that it compiled fine.

Removing the spaces from the game name fixes this but all current save data is tied to the name with spaces so I can’t change that now.

It looks like maybe something is adding the ^ symbols to the name to escape spaces or something somewhere?

I don’t think we are escaping the path:

Would be happy to help determine where this might be caused. Would it be hard to add trace statements in this file, and lime rebuild tools && lime run windows to test it?

If it comes down to it, it should be possible to set your <app file="" /> separately from the title, but it would be great to solve having spaces in the executable. Sorry I’m not on Windows at the moment and can’t help test yet

Thanks for the help! I was adding some trace statements there and started testing but actually couldn’t reproduce the issue anymore and I can’t think of anything I changed.

My pc had blue-screened and restarted from an unrelated application earlier so maybe just a restart was needed to correct a path variable somewhere after upgrading? I really can’t think of anything else that could possibly have an effect haha.

I’ll trace out some info from that file if it ever pops up again though.

Haha, alright, keep us posted :wink:

Posting an update here in case anyone else encounters this.

The same issue happened again when I upgraded openfl and lime today. Restarting my computer didn’t work but it seems that just executing lime rebuild tools itself solves it.