Sound recording with Lime

I just want to ask, if it is possible to record audio (capture data from audio device) with current support of OpenAL in Lime for native targets. If yes, I’d be glad to know at least basic idea how to do that. If not, I’d like to know if somebody already approached capturing audio with Haxe or if I need to do that myself. Thanks.

The bindings are not there for a capture API, but it could be, look at:

That’s the native backing to the Lime OpenAL classes, we would just need some hooks into the OpenAL capture code, I think

I found this today and it looks like the /src/audio directory doesn’t even exist in GitHub any more.

So is it possible to record audio through OpenFL?

It has probably just moved here:

and here:

but I have not tried this yet. I’m sure it is possible with OpenAL, so if bindings to Lime aren’t already there, probably just add them here:

Some tutorial for recording in OpenAL: