Sound problems with Android


I’ve developed a game that works fine on a tablet with 2 year old Android 9 tablet, but shows some sound problems on an old Android 6 tablet.

  • I have a very short “click” sfx, played when clicking a button. Sometime the sound does not play when clicking the button. If I make the sound file longer, it works. It does not matter if OGG or WAV. On the Android 9 I do not have the problem.

  • The sound feels “slow”. There seems to be a short latency before you hear the sound. The game runs with 60fps. Also on the Android 9 I have the feeling, that the sound lags behind the action/animation.

  • When testing with wav files, I got a “Lime: Invalid Wav Header” error. Files were Stereo, 16KHz, 16bit and saved with Adobe Audition.

what is the target? native or HTML5
I have same problem with sounds for target HTML5 but only Android / Chrome. If i use Android / Firefox - no latency before start sound. So it something with Chrome …

Native Android target.