Sound not valid


I’m trying to add sounds and music to my game (flash / android), but i’m having trouble with a lot of sounds. Some works, and others don’t play at all, i have an error “sound not valid” when i play the sound. When i check the bytesLoaded or the lenght it’s 0… even after the onComplete for a loadSound it’s still 0…

I have tried on flash (mp3 / wav) and android (wav). Some files are ok, both platforms and some don’t work.

Am I missing something ?

This one is ok : sound_ok
This one doesn’t work : sound_ko


Which version of OpenFL are you using? Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry, i’m on OpenFl 3.6.1, with Dlegacy for android.

Here’s a minimal project with the two sounds

The problem seems to be situated between flash and the format of the sound file. I have tried with adobe flash, it doesn’t load either.

I can make work my files with some weird manipulation in Audacity, starting from a sound that works and making an export.

I close the topic.