Sound in HTML5 is louder

Hello, I made a game recently:

For some reason the overall sound volume is higher in HTML5 (tested on Firefox) than on Windows.

OpenFl 5.1.5, lime 5.2.1

Don’t know if it should be reported on lime or openfl repo, and how in can be dealed with?

Is it different in different browsers?

Perhaps the HTML5 version is picking a different audio format than the native version. Does your WAV or MP3 file sound louder?

Seems like it’s the same for Chrome. Music is .ogg, and sounds are .wav. And both are louder. The only asset that is different between targets is, I believe, the font

have you lowered the sound of the application in the Windows Volume Mixer?

No, I didn’t. So you can’t reproduce it on your side?