Sound.extract ()

I need to use Sound.extract(), which works on flash but doesn’t seem to be available in openfl.
Is there a way I can get to the buffer data of the sound? If not, are there plans to implement this function?

Most of the native platforms are using OpenAL, so I think the first step would be to look at how we would do something similar using OpenAL APIs, second would be making sure that this is exposed, or mapped through a sound.extract call

Any news on this ?
We may need to port some apps to Openfl.
This feature is a required for us.
Thank you.

Some ref :

Native platforms could likely support this feature as we have raw sound data being sent to OpenAL in order to play the sound anyway, though I’m not sure about HTML5 – decompression is handled primarily by the browser and is more of a “black box” process

EDIT: Looks like audio-decoder could be a good starting point for integrating some of this

Thanks for your answer.
I will com back if/when i get more advanced.