Something with renderer in OpenFl x4

I found some problem with renderer for HTML5 in new OpenFl 4.x. Some blur effect. OpenF 3.x works perfect
Openfl 4.x
Openfl 3.x

UPD. When compiling openfl4 with -Dcanvas looks like on the second image

When build with Openfl 3.x with -Dwebgl flag looks fine too. Did anyone face with this problem?

Do you set <window width="" height="" /> in your project.xml? The default template will attempt to scale and letterbox based on the width and height used

I found problem: when using float coordinates for display objects then you get blur effect in webgl.

Oh, gotcha

We have display coordinate rounding/snapping in the canvas and DOM renderers, but I don’t believe the GL renderer is doing this. I’ll look into it

I have committed a change that should help resolve this issue. Thank you for reporting!

Here is a before and after in my testing: