Something is wrong going Fullscreen on dev versions

The main display Sprite gets cropped by top edge of the window, no matter of the stage.scaleMode type, and only when window resizable="false" is set.

This occurs on “git” versions only, on OpenFL 4.4.1 and Lime 3.4.1 all is working correctly.

To reproduce on BunnyMark, just 2 lines are needed, eg.:

stage.scaleMode = openfl.display.StageScaleMode.EXACT_FIT;
stage.displayState = openfl.display.StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE;

and in project.xml:

<window resizable="false"/>

Screenshot (1920x1080 scaled to 25%):

Might be related to this?

This seems to be the case on the release of 4.5.0 also… some things disappear when i open my application in fullscreen, and there are some strange rendering bugs, that is not present in 4.4.1

Could you share some code that reproduces the issue? Thank you

That didn’t fix the issue on dev versions nor 4.5.0/3.5.0…

Yep, just bumped into the same problem on Windows target. (OpenFL 4.5.1, Lime 3.5.1)
No matter what stage.align and stage.scaleMode are, fullscreen is broken similar to @madneon screenshot.
Also Event.RESIZE is not firing on switching to Fullscreen and back.
Here is a screenshot, at the same time, mouse “sees” game buttons where they should be: