Some issues about SWF bundle

There are some issues about resources outputted by swf tools.js.

  • Child DisplayObject.filters render error.
  • Sprite.hitArea have no effect.
  • TextField as DisplayObject.mask render low quality.
  • InteractiveDisplayObject does not dispatch mouseOut on hide and must moving mouse.
  • Dynamic TextField font render error with embed font.
  • Graphics stroke and fill render error with Gradient.
  • TextField render error in MovieClip, frequent draws lead to memory leaks.

Collating continuously… :rofl:

  1. Which filters are you using?
  2. Is sprite.hitArea applied in script at runtime or is it set in the SWF?
  3. displayObject.mask is currently only on/off masking – no alpha blending
  4. Looks similar to
  5. It is necessary to include a CSS font with the same name as the one specified by the SWF
  6. Yeah, there might be issues with gradient strokes in our renderer

Thank you :smiley:

    1. DropShadowFilter
      Besides,clearing child’s filters will render normal.
    1. Appling at runtime, but the target MovieClip is from AssetLibrary and set its child as hitArea.
      mc.hitArea = mc.getChildByName('xxx');
    1. How to include the font easily in openfl?
      Why can’t dynamic text read text contours from SWF and draw them like static text? What are the technical difficulties? :grimacing:

Could you please tell me whether other issues will be repaired in the future? If not, which of them are not planned to be repaired?

Thanks ~ :grimacing:

Additional supplement:
Child TextField with DropShadowFilter in MovieClip render error: